Equality in the workplace


So it’s been told to me. It’s been drilled in to my head. It’s been pounded in to my brain with a rubber mallet that women are not treated fairly in the workplace. And now I read on Yahoo news that the more sexually attactive a women is the less likely she is to be taken seriously. Such as the larger a woman’s breasts the less likely her chances of promotion. Bullshit! Not that a woman would ever read this blog but if one should be lost in the world wide web then let the big boobed bimbo be educated. Ladies, I assure you the consideration of women in the workplace is equal to not only men but also to their curvier counterpart. The large breasted woman in the office will be every bit considered for the promotion as the woman who tucks her penis.

One thought on “Equality in the workplace

  1. I was just watching an informative video the other day breaking down key statistics about women’s equality in the workplace, which basically showed that they are treated fairly, and the concept of less pay for equal work is largely a myth. If I can find it again I’ll post you the link.

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