One of my favorite comedians is Arj Barker. Granted I didn’t know who he was til I saw him on Flight of the Concords but after YouTube and Comedy Central specials I am well aqauinted with his material. So, of course, it concened me after I read his twitter bio that twitter refused to give him a blue check. What the hell is a blue check? Why doesn’t Arj have a blue check? More importantly, why the hell don’t I have a blue check? I can tell you one thing, the people with blue checks sure as hell don’t twit with those of us who don’t have blue checks. That has brought me to a conclusion. BLUE CHECKS ARE THE SHIT!! And if you have a blue check then you are given access to a higher realm of existance and are in fact allowed to be jaundiced towards the non-blue checkers. Actually I’m jaundiced towards the blue checkers. Actually I just learned today that jaundice had two definitions and wanted to use it in a blog. I’m not a blue checker, nor am I yellow.

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