Who’s your Wizard?!!!?!!


Alls I can say is that OZ better be greatful that I wasn’t their Wizard. So po-dunk Dorothy Gale comes to town and kills their evil witch with a buckett of water on the the order of the ‘Almighty Wizard’ because everybody cowers to this guy. Pssh! Who’s to say that the wicked witch of the west was really wicked. The wizard himself turned out to be a fraud. Some lowly corn husker from the mid-west hiding behind the curtain. You’re telling me that all it takes to run a country over the rainbow is a Hi-Def television and a bassing sound system. Yeah OZ is lucky it wasn’t me. I would’ve knocked up the witches of the West, North, East and South. Munchkin Tossing Tuesdays would’ve been mandatory, lions would’ve pulled my many chariots that were built by tin woodsmen and I would’ve made a killing off of selling water pistols. The next time we get a storm you’re gonna see me outside with 50 kites trying to catch a ride over the rainbow! Ya lil munchkins, who’s your Wizard!?!


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