The King and the Pawn


I don’t why I enjoy the game of chess so much. I’m not very good at it nor am I willing to learn particular stratigies to becaome a good player. I think maybe I enjoy just really screwing up somebody else’s plans. Once someone has set themselves down in front of me and has announced themselves as my opponent I go straight in to “FUCK YOU” mode. Your qualities and attributes mean very little to me as this point. Your experience and demeanor in the game mean jack shit to me as well. Who do you think you are placing yourself against me? I will face you. I will fight you. I will cramp you fucking style! You may out think me. You may be able to stay calm when you need too. You may win. But you will not smile. You will not win according to plan. You will sweat. You will walk away with a limp. And you may think yourself an earned and crowned King. Remember though, at the end of the game, the King and the Pawn return to the same box. Only now I have nothing to lose.