Donald Sterling Got A Raw Deal


Now that all the hype has died down and we all realize that we don’t really care that much about an old rich white man who (SURPRISE SURPRISE) turns out to be racist, I feel it’s time to make my opinion known.  Donald Sterling got a raw deal.  Calm down, I’m not saying the NBA sanctions and forcing him to sell the team and the players speaking out was too harsh. I’m saying that if he’d known all that crap was going to happen he never would’ve agreed to the bet.  Yeah the bet.  Obviously Donald Sterling lost a bet and the cost was character assassination by his own hand.  You heard the recording.  It didn’t make sense.  “Fuck them I don’t care! Just don’t take pictures with them.”  Who the hell says that?  I know what you are thinking, “A senile 80 yr old man says that.”  Well if that’s the case then why the hell were we so outraged?  Sit next to an old man on a bus.  You’ll hear some of the craziest shit in the world and then he’ll shit himself.  And what will you do?  You’ll get off the bus…and that’s it.  No, “OMG! How could he?” and so on.  You just go on about your life.  We all will and that’s the point.  LIFE.  I’m talking about a difference in lifestyle.  Not only did we get outraged at the recorded words of Donald Sterling but we also get outraged when the grocery store has 16 check out registers and only has 2 of them open.  Donald Sterling hasn’t been in a grocery store in 35 yrs.  We pay rent, mortgages, and property tax.  Donald Sterling buys islands.  The man is a billionaire.  If you count from 1-100 in 60 seconds and then continue that pace of 100 digits per minute it would still take you 30 yrs to count to a billion.  We can’t even contemplate that amount of money and that man has multi-increments of that number.  So what do you do when you have an inmeasurable amount of money?  Whatever you can to make life interesting.  Imagine if you and I were on a basketball court.  I say to you, “Bet you 97 bucks I can make this shot.”  You say, “Bet.”  Then I shoot and then one of us is out 97 bucks.  I don’t know which one of us, doesn’t matter, not my point.  Now let’s say we are billionaires and we play the same scenario, only now I don’t say 97 bucks.  I say that if I make this shot you gotta fly to Iran, find an aborted fetus, cremate it, then snort it’s ashes off an under cooked pork chop.  And you would say, “Again?  Dang dude come up with something original.”  Because that’s how billionaires think!!  They are not like you and I.  Mark Cuban and Donald Sterling went double or nothing on what the name of Kanye and Kim’s baby would be and Sterling lost.  Cuban said that he had to be recorded doing a racist rant.  And you can tell that it  was set up.   His girlfriend kept repeating over and over and over that she didn’t think the same as him because she was raised differently.  Why would she continue to make that point over and over?  The only time someone emphasizes a point over and over is when he or she really need people to understand their meaning.  And the only time you want PEOPLE to understand is when you know PEOPLE are listening.  Or in this case, knew that PEOPLE would be listening.  Go back and listen again.  Did you pick up on Sterling’s timbre?  His defeated tone.  Did you hear the, “Fuck you Cuban. I’m gonna get you back for this one.”, under his breath?  Wait for playoff time next year and I’ll wager you 3 racists rants and an aborted fetus that Mark Cuban will have his head on the TMZ chopping block.


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