Your Addiction Betrays You


My girlfriend smokes. Until recently this fact of and within itself did not bother me. One can go on and on about how the she is damaging her health and that I should be concerned with that but I’m not. Many men would blubber that smoking will damage her aesthetically by causing wrinkles, yellowing teeth and receding gums but I have seen no evidence of that either. No I was not particularly concerned with her smoking being she was a smoker before me and I have accepted that as something she does. Now me being who I am and doing as I does, I do tease her about her addiction. You see a smoker thinks about smoking. They pre-plan events with their addiction in mind. Before we go out to social events we have to take time for her to smoke because I don’t allow smoking in my truck. When taking a trip we have to make sure we have packed plenty of cigarettes for “Just in case”. Her addiction dictates her actions and I can almost predict what she will do and the paths that she will take just by knowing that eventually she is gonna need a cigarette. Until recently this little character flaw amused me and I enjoyed teasing her about it. That is until the other night. I’ve often heard and have seen that smokers enjoy a good smoke after sex. A scene depicting a couple in bed sharing a celebratory cigarette in bed is used to notify the audience that a bout of rigorous love making has just taken place. The almost natural and deftly practiced act of lighting up is supposed to be a calming act allowing the satisfied lover to gain control of their breathing and collect their thoughts. The time consumed inhaling the sweet poison of the cigarette can be used for reminiscing on the sensuous acts that just took place. puff “Oh my that was good!” puff puff. This well known fact has been known to me for a long while but being that I am not a smoker I’ve never given it any thought. Usually after sex I’m content with snuggling and tiny kisses afterward. Happy for the encouraging words of how wonderful I was. Tho the other night I found myself lost in my thoughts after not receiving such encouraging words. I drifted to the old movies of smoking lovers post coitus and realizing that my addicted to smoking girlfriend was not smoking. In fact, I couldn’t recall her ever smoking afterwards.  Now my girlfriend is fantastic. Fantastic in every sense of the word. She is smart, pretty, caring, accommodating, and most of all not going to crush my ego. Tho I know she would never say it, her addiction betrays her.


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