Twang and Swag?


I know that being a from Texas and being a fan of Country Western music seems to go hand in hand but there was a time when our Texas artists were defamed for our non-traditional approach to playing and song writing.  Country music traditionalists would tout us saying, “That ain’t Country, that’s Rock-n-Roll!”.  We just spit in the direction of the critics, knocked the dirt off our squared-toed boots and continued to sing songs about weed in 4/4 time signatures.  Out with the old and in with the new right?  So maybe we’re to blame.  Maybe the shaking off of the past and boldly progressing in to the new is what caused it.  Maybe it was Cotteneyed Joe, but one thing is for sure.  Country Hip Hop has gotten out of control!!

I’m not saying that Country Hip Hop is bad.  I’m not saying that record companies shouldn’t record and promote Country Hip Hop.  I’m not even saying that people shouldn’t listen and enjoy.  I’m saying take off the “Country” part and just call it “Hip Hop”.  Country Hip Hop was fine when it was just fat white guys wearing cowboy hats trying to find words that rhymed with biscuit. Chubby hill billy gangstas is somehow endearing and cute, like a 2 yr old with a lisp.  This new Music Row trend of getting Bon Jovi look-a-likes to spit flow like Lil’ Wayne is just uncomfortable and generally embarrassing to us good ole’ southern folk.  Every time I listen to my favorite Country and Western radio station I gotta hear Florida Georgia Line popping and locking off their twangy esophagus words that end in “O”.  I think that’s right.   Nelly should sue all of Nashville for defaming his once notable album “Country Grammar”.

If you enjoy the cadence and guitar then by all means by the CD; download a mpeg; Pandora the shit out of it!  Just don’t tune in to a Country Western radio station.